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touchbyte releases iOS version of libgphoto2 library

Hamburg, Germany – September 18, 2019 – touchbyte today released an iOS version of libgphoto2 - a library to access digital cameras. libgphoto2 has been adopted to run on iOS and allows controlling supported digital cameras using the PTP/IP protocol over Wi-Fi.

Press release

PhotoSync for iOS adds automatic backup & transfer to more than 10 Canon EOS Wi-Fi Cameras

Hamburg, Germany – September 18, 2019 – touchbyte today is proud to announce the release of PhotoSync 4.0 for iOS which includes several workflow-orientated premium features. PhotoSync adds instant backup & transfer to more than 10 Canon EOS Cameras – among them popular models like the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 80D and Canon EOS 200D.


PhotoSync 3.2.5 for iOS released

NEW OneDrive shared folders are now included in the target directory selection 
Fixed: Uploads to Amazon Cloud Drive always had the same filename
Fixed: The date display in the "Moments view" has been fixed for asian languages

PhotoSync 3.2.4 for iOS released

NEW Reimplemented OneDrive autentication/transfer based on the new Microsoft Graph API. Please note, that you have to relogin to OneDrive. 
NEW Photos can now be uploaded to 500px in full resolution
Fixed: Fixed: Improvements for handling "shared folders" in OneDrive

PhotoSync 3.2.3 for iOS released

NEW You can now choose to transfer both the HEIC and converted JPEG of a photo (HEIC+JPEG). You can enable this option in the settings of the transfer target.
NEW Layout & Design adjusted for iOS 11
Fixed: Transferring HEIC based Live Photos to other iOS devices could cause PhotoSync to crash

PhotoSync 3.2.1 for iOS released

NEW Support for HEIC / HEVC conversion on iOS 11. HEIC / HEVC are the new image / video formats on iOS 11. PhotoSync can now convert HEIF to JPEG and HEVC to H264 before upload. For cloud services that do not support the new formats this is done automatically. For other targets the user is asked upon the first transfer of HEIC photos, whether an auto-conversion to JPEG should be performed. You can enable / disable conversion in the Quality Transfer settings of the target.
NEW Added a "Tip Jar": Enables users to give a voluntary ‘tip’ to the PhotoSync development team as appreciation for the continuous updates to the app and dedicated end user support. You can find the "Tip Jar" in the settings menu.

PhotoSync 3.2 for iOS released

Over 50 new innovative features make PhotoSync 3.2 the most powerful and versatile photo & video transfer solution on the market. Highlights include SMB support, Share Sheet support, Automatic sub-directory creation for albums  …

PhotoSync 3.0 for iOS released

PhotoSync 3.0 has over 50 new features and has been completely rewritten to take advantage of iOS 8 and it’s new photo capabilities. Here are just some of the new features: Support for Amazon Cloud Drive, Delete support, Full support for iCloud Photo Library …
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