PhotoSync 4.0 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.0 for iOS
PhotoSync 4.0 has over 50 new features, iOS 13 support and also introduces some exclusive features for Premium users.
PhotoSync is now free to download. The free version allows you to fully test all transfer functionality but transfers only in reduced quality. This limitation can be removed by upgrading to PhotoSync Pro (one-time purchase inside the app). All existing PhotoSync users do not lose any functionality and are automatically upgraded to PhotoSync Pro. This release also introduces PhotoSync Premium with exclusive features for power users. Premium is available as an upgrade inside the app (one-time purchase or subscription with free trial, special discounts are available for existing users).
Here are some of the new features:
SMB 2/3 Support

SMB 2/3 Support

PhotoSync now supports the faster and more secure SMB 2 & 3 for fast and secure transfers. PhotoSync will autodetect the SMB version of your server. Optionally you can set the SMB version manually in settings.
Google Photos

Google Photos

PhotoSync now supports transfers from / to Google Photos. You can also create Google Photo albums directly in PhotoSync.
Siri Support

Siri Support

Initiate transfers with Siri and create homescreen icons to trigger transfers.
PhotoSync Camera with Instant transfers

PhotoSync Camera with Instant transfers

Use the fully integrated PhotoSync Camera to transfer photos & videos to computer, NAS & cloud / photo services directly after pressing the shutter button. Optionally, photos & videos can be imported into the local iOS Photo Library. The PhotoSync Camera supports live photos, JPEG, RAW, HEIC and HEVC. Photo Booth: Instant photo display on a TV or projector right after recording over Airplay / HDMI.
iXpand Lightning / USB Flash Drive

Support for iXpand Lightning / USB Flash Drive

Backup / transfer photos & videos directly to the iXpand USB Flash Drive. The full range of PhotoSync's transfer features (automatic folder creation, custom filename…) are supported. A great solution to free up space fast on your device when traveling!
Canon EOS Wi-Fi Cameras

Support for Canon EOS Wi-Fi Cameras

Transfer photos & videos instantly to your iPhone / iPad after pressing the shutter button on your camera. Additionally, automatic transfer to any supported remote target (computer, NAS, cloud / photo service) is possible. Manual selective download of photos & videos to iOS is also supported. Photo Booth: Instant photo display on a TV or projector right after recording over AirPlay / HDMI. For supported cameras and details click here
Siri shortcuts

Advanced Siri & Workflow Support

The Siri Shortcut ‘Transfer from Clipboard’ enables the creation of powerful workflows using the Shortcuts app. Use the Siri Shortcut ‘Transfer new photos / videos’ to trigger transfers directly from the homescreen. iOS 13.1 and higher: Combine the Siri Shortcut ‘Transfer new photos / videos’ with the automation features of the Shortcuts app. Possibilities are endless!

More New Features & Fixes

  • NEW PhotoSync can now auto-create albums based on folder names when transferring from Mac / PC. Required: New Mac / Windows Companion Version 4.0
  • NEW You can now define custom source albums for Autotransfer (instead of just All Photos / Camera Roll)
  • NEW Redesigned Settings
  • NEW SFTP (SSH)-Keys can now be imported from the Files App & Clipboard
  • NEW Support for new OpenSSH-Key formats for SFTP
  • NEW PhotoSync can now use the file modification date on import, if an EXIF recording date is missing
  • NEW Atomic uploads for NAS connections: For FTP, SFTP and SMB, PhotoSync first uploads to a temporary file (leading "__" in filename). When the upload has completed, the file is renamed to the defined file name. For WebDAV connections, the web server takes care of this behavior itself.
  • NEW Added custom file formats for HDR and favorites
  • NEW If a photo / video cannot be imported into the iOS Photo Library, PhotoSync now shows the file name for information
  • Fixed: HEIC to JPEG conversion for Panoramas which were limited to 5000px width
  • Fixed: Preview thumbnails are now included for JPEGS which have been converted from HEIC
  • Fixed: Improved error handling for iCloud downloads
  • Fixes an issue where entered captions were lost in some cases
  • Fixes a sub-directory creation issue when the album contains a slash or backslash
  • Fixed: When the "Auto Create directories for Camera Roll" was activated, Live Photos were assigned to wrong directories
  • Fixed: When using Index+Filename, the index always started at 2
  • Fixed: For some RAW+JPEG files written by 3rd party camera apps, the file names did not match
  • Fixed a potential SFTP crash issue
  • Fixed: RAWs were not transferred in some cases on iOS 12, when the iCloud Photo Library was enabled
  • Fixed: Slo-mo videos were not transferred in some cases on iPhone Xs and Xs Max
  • Fixed: Prevent overwriting file names, when both the original and edited version are transferred
  • Fixed: Upload to some WebDAV servers
  • Removed: 500px transfer target (500px discontinued its API for 3rd party apps)
  • Removed: Facebook target and Facebook SDK completely to protect the privacy of our users
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