PhotoSync 4.1.1 for iOS released

  • NEW Added support for the new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go
  • NEW For S3 connections a custom API URL can be entered allowing different backend servers other than AWS
  • Fixes a crash issue on some devices when transferring from computer to device
  • Fixed a display issue when albums in a folder were not shown
  • Fixed a crash issue for Canon EOS Wi-Fi Cameras when receiving CR3 RAW files in Shoot & Transfer mode
  • Fixed a file creation issue when transferring to iXpand Drives when the "Create subdirectories" option is set to "None"
  • Fixed login issue for FTPS connections
  • Fixed crash issue with RAW capture in the PhotoSync Camera when zoom is activated
  • Fixed Google Drive "403 forbidden" error when uploading a file already existing on the target
  • Fixed: Shutter animation behaviour in the PhotoSync Camera