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PhotoSync 4.0.10 for Android released

Fixed an import bug for autotransfer schedules
Added a check to skip empty or corrupted files from transferring to prevent follow up errors in the transfer process. This fixes app crashes in SMB transfers when files have no size.
Fixed a caching bug for WebDAV transfers to provide proper file overwrite checks

PhotoSync 4.0.9 for Android released

Fixed reported crashes
Removed an accidental redirection to the purchase screen of the upcoming release
Added support for different volume purchase licenses
Fixed redraw problems after executing "Mark all synced"

PhotoSync 4.0.8 for Android released

Fixed a reported crash in the image viewer delete function
Fixed web browser handling for selected files to prevent crashes
Fixed threading for Receive-, Download- and Send-HUD to prevent UI thread ANR's

PhotoSync 4.0.7 for Android released

Fixed SMB uploads to work without truncation
Fixed the mobile default configurations for some services and enabled full quality mobile transfers
Fixed an optimisation bug in SMB that prevented the creation of subfolders with the same name as a parent folder

PhotoSync 4.0.4 for Android released

Fixed upload issues with SMB (files were truncated on some servers to 1MB size, on some devices during upload the app crashed)
Fixed autotransfer problems that could occur after a device restart
For a list of all changes in PhotoSync 4.0 please visit PhotoSync 4.0 for Android released

PhotoSync 4.0.3 for Android released

Fixed performance issues with bulk deletion using the Android 12+ delete window
Fixed automatic HEIC -> JPEG conversion even if HEIC -> JPEG is set to off
For a list of all changes in PhotoSync 4.0 please visit PhotoSync 4.0 for Android released

PhotoSync 4.0 for Android released

PhotoSync 4.0 fully supports Android 13 and introduces more than 50 new features and improvements.


PhotoSync 3.3.5 (3260) for Android released

NEW Added support for client certificates for WebDAV connections
NEW Changed write permission checks and reworked the permission settings for external SD cards
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