PhotoSync 4.4 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.4 for iOS
PhotoSync 4.4 now fully supports iOS 14 features like ‘Limited Photo Access’. It also includes support for Sony Wi-Fi cameras for PhotoSync Premium users.
PhotoSync is now free to download. The free version allows you to fully test all transfer functionality but transfers only in reduced quality. This limitation can be removed by upgrading to PhotoSync Pro (one-time purchase inside the app). All existing PhotoSync users do not lose any functionality and are automatically upgraded to PhotoSync Pro. This release also introduces PhotoSync Premium with exclusive features for power users. Premium is available as an upgrade inside the app (one-time purchase or subscription with free trial, special discounts are available for existing users).
Here are some of the new features:
iOS 14 Support

iOS 14 Support

Fully optimized for iOS 14 – including support for the "Limited Photo Library" and local network access permissions.
Sony Wi-Fi Cameras

Sony Wi-Fi Cameras

Support for Sony Cameras with Wi-Fi support (Alpha, RX, WX, HX and NEX-Series). Backup and transfer photos & videos the moment you take them (wireless tethering). Manually download from Sony Wi-Fi cameras. Photo booth support over AirPlay & HDMI (Premium).

Please note that the exact supported feature set depends on the camera model.
Supported Sony Wi-Fi cameras.
More New Features & Fixes

More New Features & Fixes

  • NEW For HEIC -> JPEG conversions the JPEG quality can now be customized.
  • NEW For Slow Motion videos you can now choose to transfer either the original high-frame rate file or a version with the slow motion effect rendered in. Optionally also both versions can be transferred.
  • NEW Added custom format to include abbreviated month names (Jan, Feb etc) in filename-/subdirectory formats.
  • Fixed: When transferring Live Photos between iOS devices, some files could be overwritten / were not imported due to duplicate filenames.
  • Fixed: Issue when uploading videos to Amazon S3 while HEVC to H264 conversion is enabled.
  • Fixed: Rare crash issue that could occur when viewing a photo in full screen (Web Sharing).
  • Fixed: Crash issue when browsing directories on Amazon S3 when the directory name contains an apostrophe (e.g. Jim's iPhone).
  • Fixed: The file date was not set correctly when downloading videos from Lumix Cameras and transferring directly to another target.
  • Fixed: Improved SMB compatibility when authenticating against active directory user accounts.
  • Fixed: Potential issue when transferring to some SMB 1 servers.
  • Fixed: Rare crash issue, when deleting custom filename and subdirectory formats.
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