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PhotoSync Companion 4.2.4 for Windows released

Fixed problems loading the albums from iOS devices in the device search window

PhotoSync Companion 4.2.3 for Windows released

Fixed problems with the name resolution of devices reading the album list from the target device when sending photos

PhotoSync Companion 4.2.2 for Windows released

Fixed problems reading the album list from the target device when sending photos
Send button will only be activated when the album list has been received from the target device

PhotoSync Companion 4.2.1 for Windows released

Fixed crashes starting/restarting the PhotoSync service on systems which did not have Apple Bonjour installed

PhotoSync Companion 4.2.0 for Windows released

Changed internal webserver with a new component to prevent problems storing transferred files
Re-added Apple Bonjour services to provide a better working device detection. Microsoft mDNS device detection will be used as a backup service only when Apple Bonjour is not working

PhotoSync Companion 4.1.5 for Windows released

Only announce network interfaces in the automatic device detection that have a gateway
Added a new setting in the device autodetection settings to expose a specific network interface

PhotoSync Companion 4.1.4 for Windows released

Fixed network connection lost error when photos are sent with the PhotoSync share extension
Fixed a problem detecting the correct network interface when the target has multiple network interfaces

PhotoSync Companion 4.1.3 for Windows released

Added missing detection of iOS devices
Fixed problems addressing devices with iPv6 support
Fixed problems with computer names containing whitespaces or special characters
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