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PhotoSync 3.2.5 (3118) for Android released

NEW Using native Android device detection for Android 7 and higher to dramatically improve the device detection in these Android versions
NEW Added info into autotransfer settings to show the actual number of files that will be transferred when an autotransfer takes place
Updated Google Play Services and Firebase libraries to the latest versions

PhotoSync 3.2.4 (3105) for Android released

NEW Removed discontinued Picasa support and replaced it with native Google Photos support
NEW Full 64-Bit support for all embedded libraries
NEW Added Folders display setting to exclude or explicitly include folders and all subfolders from/to the photo library

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.1 for macOS released

Fixed album selection for transfers into Mac Photos app

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.6 for Windows released

Fixed a problem that PhotoSync crashed instantly on startup on some devices maybe due to a corrupted settings file. This crash will be prevented and a new default settings file will be generated.

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.5 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a problem that PhotoSync wasn't terminated completely on quit. This now happens always when you quit the app.
Fix: Changed the crash reporting from email-reporting to a file upload

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.4 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a crash trying to get the parent folder of a group of dragged files when there are characters used that are not allowed
Fix: Fixed the crash reporter and removed debug mode from the release version to prevent the app from crashing on internal errors
New: Added XMP files as possible file extension for sending photos

PhotoSync 3.2.3 (3029) for Android released

PhotoSync is now built against Android 9 (Pie)
Added missing permission for foreground services in Android 9
Fixed share/open of remote files which caused a crash

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.3 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed random crashes that can occur caused by the network connection checks
Fix: Fixed crashes that can occur selecting a new receive folder in the settings
Fix: Fixed crashes when URLs are sent to PhotoSync instead of files
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