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PhotoSync 4.2 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.2 has over five new features and also introduces three new exclusive features for Premium users.


PhotoSync 4.1.1 for iOS released

NEW: Added support for the new SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go
NEW: For S3 connections a custom API URL can be entered allowing different backend servers other than AWS
Fixes a crash issue on some devices when transferring from computer to device

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.2 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync did not reflect changes to the periodical restart option for the automatic device detection

PhotoSync 4.1 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.1 has over ten new features and also introduces two new exclusive features for Premium users.


PhotoSync 3.3.3 (3189) for Android released

NEW Support for managed configurations in Managed Google Play
NEW Support for WoL with local SMB, FTP, and WebDAV connections

PhotoSync 4.0.1 for iOS released

NEW: Home Screen Quick Actions can now be configured on devices that support only Haptic Touch
Fixed: Autotransfer was not triggered in some cases on iOS 13
Fixed: User albums were not sorted alphabetically on iOS 13


PhotoSync 3.3.1 (3160) for Android released

NEW Exchanged the old Android support library with the new Jetpack library
Fixed startup problems caused by a database change to remove Amazon Drive from PhotoSync

PhotoSync 3.3.0 (3157) for Android released

NEW Added caching of remote directories for FTP and WebDAV connections to speed up uploads to remote folders with many files in it
NEW Added support for shared drives in Google Drive
NEW Added new option to set the file modification date for WebDAV uploads to support the available WebDAV servers which allow a modification of the file date (ownCloud, Nextcloud,
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@photojack @photosync_app @photojack, how did you create the albums on your @Apple #iPhone? From within the #Photos app on your #iPhone?
@photosync_app Yes, I understand that but when it rewrote the folders and added the images, the Favourite’s folder…