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PhotoSync 4.6 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.6 fully supports iOS 15 including a new Smart Album for RAW photos. It also includes metadata support, plus (optional) resizing of videos and support for Pro cameras that support FTP transfers (Premium only).


PhotoSync 4.5 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.5 now supports pCloud and PhotoPrism transfer targets plus two new exclusive features for Premium users.


PhotoSync Companion 4.1 for macOS released

PhotoSync Companion 4.1 for macOS contains the following improvements:
NEW Native support for Macs with Apple M1 Chip
NEW App name has been changed to "PhotoSync Companion"
Fixed: A rare issue when transferring Live Photos to iPhone/iPad

PhotoSync 3.3.5 (3260) for Android released

NEW Added support for client certificates for WebDAV connections
NEW Changed write permission checks and reworked the permission settings for external SD cards

PhotoSync 4.4 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.4 now fully supports iOS 14 features and introduces a new exclusive feature for Premium users.


PhotoSync Companion 4.0.4 for Windows released

Fixed transfers to iOS devices with PhotoSync 4.3 which did stall due to a change in PhotoSync for iOS
Changed installer to allow silent installations of PhotoSync companion

PhotoSync 4.3 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.3 has over five new features and also introduces two new exclusive features for Premium users.


PhotoSync Companion 4.0.3 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could only accept a max. of 65535 files for a transfer
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@photojack @photosync_app @photojack, how did you create the albums on your @Apple #iPhone? From within the #Photos app on your #iPhone?
@photosync_app Yes, I understand that but when it rewrote the folders and added the images, the Favourite’s folder…