PhotoSync 4.8 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.8 for iOS
PhotoSync 4.8 now fully supports iOS 17. This update also introduces the new exclusive feature “Client-Side Encryption” for Premium users, as well as new options for automatic sub-directory creation based on name and location of Moments or media type, ProRes video conversion options, and much more.
PhotoSync is free to download. The free version allows you to fully test all transfer functionality but transfers only in reduced quality. This limitation can be removed by upgrading to PhotoSync Pro (one-time purchase inside the app). All existing PhotoSync users do not lose any functionality and are automatically upgraded to PhotoSync Pro. This release also introduces PhotoSync Premium with exclusive features for power users. Premium is available as an upgrade inside the app (one-time purchase or subscription with free trial, special discounts are available for existing users).
Here are some of the new features:
iOS 17 Support

iOS 17 Support

PhotoSync fully supports iOS 17. PhotoSync can now detect photos and videos that were edited after transfer as 'new' again. This capability can be enabled in 'Display Options'.
Client-Side Encryption

Client-Side Encryption

Encrypt your photos & videos before transfer and store them encrypted on NAS and file-based cloud services. Browse and view encrypted photos & videos directly in PhotoSync. Rclone and OpenSSL are supported, enabling easy workflow integration and seamless decryption on PC and Mac.
Metadata Support

Improved Metadata Support

PhotoSync can now embed captions, favorite status, modified date and changed GPS data directly into photos and videos. Tagging with media type, name and location of Moments or user album name is also supported. For professional workflows, metadata can be exported as XMP file.
More New Features & Fixes

More New Features & Fixes

  • NEW XMP support: XMP sidecar files containing all metadata information can now be transferred. This feature is optimal for integration into professional workflows. Configurable options: XMP files are always transferred; only for photos with edited metadata; only for RAW files with edited metadata; or never.
  • NEW 'Display' option to detect modified / edited photos & videos as new: If you edit a photo or video after it has been transferred, PhotoSync will detect the photos / videos as new and the edited version will be re-transferred. This setting can be enabled under 'Display Options' (iOS 16 and later).
  • NEW PhotoSync can now retain the whole album / folder structure when transferring between iOS devices. To enable this feature enable 'Keep Album Structure (iOS only)' under Configure -> Phone / Tablet. Preserving the favorite status and location info is supported when transferring between iOS devices.
  • NEW The PhotoSync Camera can now embed copyright info.
  • NEW Added an option 'Set transfer time / date only once' for sub-directory creation. This way only one sub-directory is created for every transfer session.
  • NEW Added a new custom format %SP for custom sub-directory creation based on media type (Live Photo, Screenshots...)
  • NEW Added new custom formats %MOT and %MOL to add the Moments title and Moments location into the file name or sub-directory name.
  • NEW Added an option 'Assign Live Photo MOV to Photos Folder' for sub-directory creation. When enabling this option both files of a Live Photo are stored in the Photos folder, when the %2P or %3P format is used.
  • NEW Added option "Upload in Chunks" for WebDAV connections. This option is helpful e.g. for WebDAV servers proxied by CloudFare.
  • NEW Added host key checks for SFTP connection.
  • NEW Added an option to convert ProRes Videos to H264 or HEVC.
  • NEW Option to set the 'Modification' date on supported WebDAV servers in seconds or milliseconds.
  • NEW Changed video container format to Quicktime for rendered Slo-mo videos.
  • NEW Added an option to disable the Photobooth feature (HDMI & AirPlay) for the PhotoSync Camera.
  • NEW HEIC -> JPEG conversion is now supported when transferring between targets.
  • NEW The preferences for video resizing are now also applied for the Sharing Extension, In-App Camera and Cross-Transfers.
  • Improved: SMB transfer performance of small photos / videos.
  • Improved: Detection of new photos & videos on iOS 17.
  • Fixed: When the 'Live effect' for a 'Live Photo' was deactivated, an additional MOV / JPEG file was transferred.
  • Fixed: The caption of photos could not be read in some cases.
  • Fixed: In some cases the rendered version of a Slo-mo video was not transferred.
  • Fixed: Some screenshots were transferred as JPEG instead of PNG on iOS 16.
  • Fixed: AAE files sometimes had a non-matching file name.
  • Fixed: Added some additional error handling when assets have no data.
  • Fixed: For S3 uploads the mime type is now set correctly.
  • Fixed: Uploads to SmugMug were not working anymore due to changes by SmugMug.
  • Fixed: A crash issue when transferring to the Files App target.
  • Fixed: Transfers to SmugMug, when 'Select before transfer' is enabled.
  • Fixed: Improved FTP transfers from cameras.
  • Fixed: An issue that resulted in incorrect selections after deleting photo(s) (Moments view).
  • Fixed: Several crash issues (thumbnail generation, missing mime types, transfers to Files App, Quick Transfer).
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