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PhotoSync Companion 3.1.0 for Windows released

NEWChanged Tooltip icon which was looking very weird on Windows 10 installations
Bug fix: Fixed the order of the remote folders of Android devices. The "Use parent folder name" option was sorted alphabetically instead being shown at the top
Bug fix: Added additional MPG extensions to supported video formats

PhotoSync Companion 3.0.7 for Windows released

NEWPhotoSync context menu now also opens on left mouse button click on the task bar icon
NEWAdded support for iOS Live Photos. You can transfer Live Photo pairs to an iOS device which will be able to detect these pairs as Live Photos

PhotoSync Companion 3.0.6 for Windows released

Fixed album list creation for mobile devices: When folders with special characters have been added to the receive folders and the mobile devices were using "Select before transfer", on Android devices the request to receive the album list was hanging indefinitely.
Fixed album list sort order to alphabetical ascending order when showing album lists of iOS 8 devices
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