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PhotoSync Companion 4.0.8 for Windows released

Fixed hardwired language setting to English
Fixed problem with missing icon resource for PhotoSync

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.7 for Windows released

Removed accidentally shown debug window running the updater

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.6 for Windows released

Added MTO file extension to the list of supported PhotoSync files
Fixed PhotoSync update checks which were no longer working due to TLS version problems

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.5 for Windows released

Updated logging library log4net to version 2.0.14 to prevent possible CVE-2018-1285 vulnerabilities
Updated Newtonsoft.Json library to v13.0.1
Updated SharpShell library to v2.7.2
Updated Bugsnag library for error reporting to v3.0.1

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.4 for Windows released

Fixed transfers to iOS devices with PhotoSync 4.3 which did stall due to a change in PhotoSync for iOS
Changed installer to allow silent installations of PhotoSync companion

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.3 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could only accept a max. of 65535 files for a transfer

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.2 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync did not reflect changes to the periodical restart option for the automatic device detection

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.1 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could no longer send to Android devices
Twitter updates

@photosync_app I assume these are the 2 screens I should use?
@photosync_app do I did a transfer of 934 recent photos, but I’m not sure it completed. Is there a user accessible log file somewhere?
@photosync_app The concern is having 100,000+ files in a single folder is unwieldy. I typically move them into year/month folders.