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PhotoSync 3.3.5 (3260) for Android released

NEW Added support for client certificates for WebDAV connections
NEW Changed write permission checks and reworked the permission settings for external SD cards

PhotoSync 3.3.3 (3189) for Android released

NEW Support for managed configurations in Managed Google Play
NEW Support for WoL with local SMB, FTP, and WebDAV connections

PhotoSync 3.3.1 (3160) for Android released

NEW Exchanged the old Android support library with the new Jetpack library
Fixed startup problems caused by a database change to remove Amazon Drive from PhotoSync

PhotoSync 3.3.0 (3157) for Android released

NEW Added caching of remote directories for FTP and WebDAV connections to speed up uploads to remote folders with many files in it
NEW Added support for shared drives in Google Drive
NEW Added new option to set the file modification date for WebDAV uploads to support the available WebDAV servers which allow a modification of the file date (ownCloud, Nextcloud,

PhotoSync 3.2.5 (3118) for Android released

NEW Using native Android device detection for Android 7 and higher to dramatically improve the device detection in these Android versions
NEW Added info into autotransfer settings to show the actual number of files that will be transferred when an autotransfer takes place
Updated Google Play Services and Firebase libraries to the latest versions

PhotoSync 3.2.4 (3105) for Android released

NEW Removed discontinued Picasa support and replaced it with native Google Photos support
NEW Full 64-Bit support for all embedded libraries
NEW Added Folders display setting to exclude or explicitly include folders and all subfolders from/to the photo library

PhotoSync 3.2.3 (3029) for Android released

PhotoSync is now built against Android 9 (Pie)
Added missing permission for foreground services in Android 9
Fixed share/open of remote files which caused a crash

PhotoSync 3.2.0 (2971) for Android released

Fixed multiple occurrences of receiving window when transferring using a web browser connection
Fixed autotransfer with album name setting. autotransfers from the "All" album did not create the "All" folder on the target when "Album name" was chosen for the subfolder generation
Added a check for FTP connections to test the transferred file for a file size larger than 0 bytes because a user reported that empty uploads have been declared as successful and the originals have been deleted
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@photosync_app Thanks! Let me check. Btw, deleting after transfer did not worked for me.
@photosync_app When I chose the computer not asking for folder.
@photosync_app I want to save it in same hdd but different folders, not able to do that.