How to use PhotoSync with a RAVPower® FileHub?

To use PhotoSync with a RAVPower® FileHub device, you need to build an WebDAV connection using PhotoSync.

Connect your iOS device to the Wi-Fi network of the RAVPower® FileHub by joining the the RAVPower® FileHub Wi-Fi (usually FileHub-2250, password is 11111111) in the Wi-Fi settings of your phone/tablet.

To connect to your RAVPower® FileHub with PhotoSync using WebDAV, open the PhotoSync settings, choose Configure > WebDAV and create a WebDAV connection with the following configuration values:

Port 80
Login admin
Password leave empty
Directory data
Use SSL Off

Tap on Done to initiate the connection. Use the WebDAV target you created to transfer photos to your RAVPower® FileHub or to browse and retrieve photos from your RAVPower® FileHub.

RAVPower® FileHub connection settings
RAVPower® FileHub connection settings

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