How can I import an existing Rclone crypt configuration and use it in PhotoSync?

If you are already using Rclone crypt you might want to use your existing encryption configuration. It's of course possible to enter your own password or Salt manually, but PhotoSync also gives you the option to import an existing encrypted rclone.conf file into PhotoSync.

Step 1

Ensure that the rclone.conf file containing the Rclone crypt configuration(s) that you want to use is available in the Files App on your device.

Step 2

Now perform Step 1 to 4 as described in How do I enable Rclone based Client-Side Encryption in PhotoSync?. In Step 4 choose Import existing encryption configuration

Step 3

PhotoSync now will let you browse the Files App. Select the rclone.conf file you want to import.

Fig. 1. Choose rclone.conf to import
Choose rclone.conf to import

Step 4

PhotoSync will now list all possible crypt configurations available in the rclone.conf file. Select the one you want to import.

Fig. 2. Choose rclone.conf to import
Choose Crypt Configuration

Step 5

You can now adjust some configuration parameters if desired. We recommend to keep the default parameters. When you have finished tap Save

Fig. 3. Imported Rclone Options
Imported Rclone options

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