PhotoSync 4.7 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.7 for iOS
PhotoSync 4.7 now fully supports TeraCLOUD as a transfer destination. It also includes additional metadata support, new custom formats and improved space usage for temporary files.
PhotoSync is free to download. The free version allows you to fully test all transfer functionality but transfers only in reduced quality. This limitation can be removed by upgrading to PhotoSync Pro (one-time purchase inside the app). All existing PhotoSync users do not lose any functionality and are automatically upgraded to PhotoSync Pro. This release also introduces PhotoSync Premium with exclusive features for power users. Premium is available as an upgrade inside the app (one-time purchase or subscription with free trial, special discounts are available for existing users).
Here are some of the new features:
TeraCLOUD Support

TeraCLOUD Support

PhotoSync can now backup photos & videos to TeraCLOUD. You can also view / download photos & videos stored on TeraCLOUD.

For more information, please visit TeraCLOUD.
Metadata Support

Metadata Support

PhotoSync can now embed the Photos app caption into the metadata of photo / video files before transfer. This feature can be activated in the settings of the transfer target.

You can also now embed the Favorite flag as IPTC 5-star rating or Quicktime / XMP metadata. This feature can be activated in the settings of the transfer target.
More New Features & Fixes

More New Features & Fixes

  • NEW Added custom file name format for portrait photos (%POR).
  • NEW The Photos app caption can now be used as part of a custom file name format (%TITLE).
  • NEW The watch folder for FlashAir transfers (Shoot & Transfer) can now be specified. The default is /DCIM.

  • Fixed: Improved handling of temporary files for Live Photos and converted photos / videos.
  • Fixed: For RAW+JPEG pairs the HEIC->JPEG conversion settings were ignored.
  • Fixed: When doing Shoot & Transfer from cameras or FlashAir cards the custom settings for subdirectory creation were not used in some cases.
  • Fixed: High Dynamic Range and Cinematic Videos were not detected as videos in some cases.
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