PhotoSync 4.6 for iOS released

PhotoSync 4.6 for iOS
PhotoSync 4.6 fully supports iOS 15 including a new Smart Album for RAW photos. It also includes additional metadata support, resizing of videos (optional), as well as support for Pro cameras that support FTP transfers (Premium only).
PhotoSync is free to download. The free version allows you to fully test all transfer functionality but transfers only in reduced quality. This limitation can be removed by upgrading to PhotoSync Pro (one-time purchase inside the app). All existing PhotoSync users do not lose any functionality and are automatically upgraded to PhotoSync Pro. This release also introduces PhotoSync Premium with exclusive features for power users. Premium is available as an upgrade inside the app (one-time purchase or subscription with free trial, special discounts are available for existing users).
Here are some of the new features:
iOS 15 Support

iOS 15 Support

PhotoSync fully supports iOS 15 including a new Smart Album for RAW photos. PhotoSync can now embed updated location information in photo & video files.
Metadata Support

Metadata Support

Use photo & video EXIF metadata (camera brand, camera model, dimensions, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focal length) and IPTC metadata (copyright, caption, star rating) for custom sub-directory creation and file names.
Support for Pro Cameras

Support for Pro Cameras

Support for professional cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony & Fujifilm that support FTP transfers. For more information, please visit:
Supported Canon cameras
Supported Nikon cameras
Supported Sony cameras
Supported Fujifilm cameras
Resize Videos

Resize Videos

PhotoSync now supports the re-sizing / re-encoding of videos before transfer (1080p, 720p, 480p are available as options).
More New Features & Fixes

More New Features & Fixes

  • NEW Restructured 'Transfer Quality' settings: More user-friendly settings for transfer quality. Photo transfers can now be disabled.
  • NEW Option in 'Transfer Quality' settings to remove Location Data (GPS) or use edited location data (e.g. changed in the Photos App) instead of the original location data that was saved when capturing the photo.
  • NEW Added 'Delete After Transfer' options: Photos only, videos only, photos & videos.
  • NEW Option to enable / disable a display warning regarding skipped media files (e.g. WhatsApp, Screenshots).
  • NEW Expert option 'Keep Recording Time Zone'. Enabling this option does not adjust the recording time to the local time zone (iOS 13 and higher).
  • NEW RAW support for Zenfolio. RAW photos can now be uploaded to Zenfolio. RAW support can be enabled in the Zenfolio settings.
  • NEW iOS Photo Library folders can now be selected for Autotransfer.
  • NEW Expert option to import RAW+JPEG as a pair instead of separate images.
  • NEW Added "Device Name" (%DP) variable for custom file names.

  • Fixed: Improved compatibility of SFTP uploads with Synology Photos.
  • Fixed: Sub-directory formats did not work for the PhotoSync Camera.
  • Fixed: When transferring RAW+JPEG, the JPEG was not assigned to the selected target album.
  • Fixed: Fixed: Transfer to public SMB shares.
  • Fixed: When creating a folder on SMB servers, leading and trailing white spaces are removed.
  • Fixed: Manually configured computer targets could not be selected for Autotransfer, Quick Transfer, the PhotoSync Camera and in the Share Sheet Extension.
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