PhotoSync 4.6.5 for iOS released

New Features & Fixes

  • NEW PhotoSync now loads photo thumbnails for photos up to 15MB for NAS and cloud services. The file size limit can be increased in the Wi-Fi / Cellular settings of the transfer target. Embedded video thumbnails are also loaded.
  • NEW Streaming video playback is now supported for many remote services (NAS services, many cloud services, iXpand Drives, USB drives).
  • NEW Added option for SMB, FTP, iXpand and Files App targets to disable writing to a temporary file. Also, the prefix character for the temporary file can be changed. It defaults now to "." instead of "__".
  • NEW When the Location Data (GPS) option is set to ‘Edited’ or ‘Remove’, PhotoSync will now re-encode the photo / video but only when necessary.
  • NEW When transferring from the iOS Photos App (using the Sharing extension) HEIC photos can now be transferred if available.
  • NEW Added custom format ‘weekday name (abbreviated and full name)’ for subdirectory creation and custom file names.
  • NEW Client Certificate authentication is now supported for WebDAV connections.
  • NEW Added option to set the FTP TLS mode for FTPS connections to ‘Explicit’ or ‘Implicit’.
  • NEW Added option for Lumix Cameras to stream videos instead of downloading them first. Photo previews for Lumix cameras are more performant as PhotoSync downloads a preview version of the photo instead of the full size photo.
  • NEW Added switch for S3 targets to disable SSL certificate checks, when a custom API URL is entered (useful for self-hosted Minio instances).
  • NEW Added support for upgrading RSA-Security for SFTP transfers.

  • Fixed: In some cases the location data was not updated / removed for Slow-Motion Videos, when the Location Data (GPS) option was set to ‘Edited’ or ‘Removed’.
  • Fixed: The video part of a Live Photo was transferred, even if the Live Photo effect was removed in the Photos App.
  • Fixed: The import of ed22519 keys did not work using the Files App or Clipboard.
  • Fixed: When many photos / videos were skipped (e.g. WhatsApp images, screenshots) in a row, PhotoSync could crash.
  • Fixed: The content type for uploads to Backblaze is now determined by Backblaze servers instead of being set explicitly.
  • Fixed: Some random occurring issues when writing to external USB drives.
  • Fixed: The custom formats %MODEL and %MAKE did not work correctly for Slow-Motion Videos and the video part of Live Photos.
  • Fixed: When transferring to SMB, non-permitted characters in file names / album names are now replaced by _.
  • Fixed: When transferring to iXpand drives, non-permitted characters on FAT and exFAT file systems are now replaced by _.
  • Fixed: Some EXIF variables for custom subdirectory creation were not interpreted correctly when transferring to iXpand drives, iCloud / USB, Dropbox and SugarSync.
  • Fixed: TIFF files were transferred as JPEG in some cases.
  • Fixed: Some visual issues on iOS 15.
  • Fixed: Issues when loading categories in SmugMug caused by a SmugMug API change.
  • Fixed: Issues with Dropbox login / authentication.
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