How to use PhotoSync with a Fritz!Box?

To be able to use PhotoSync with a FRITZ!Box, it is best to create an SMB connection in PhotoSync. If you still have an old Fritzbox with a FritzOS version lower than 7.08, you can also use an FTP connection, as the FRITZ!Box otherwise still uses the insecure and slow SMBv1. In order to be able to connect to your FRITZ!Box and access a storage medium connected to the FRITZ!Box via USB, some preparations are necessary in the FRITZ!Box administration:

Please make sure that SMB access to your Fritz!Box is permitted at all. To do this, go to Home network > USB / Storage in the FRITZ!Box Administration and make sure that the Access via a network drive (SMB) active option is activated. If you want to enable a connection via the FTP protocol, you should also activate the option Access via FTP active.

If you have connected a USB data carrier to the Fritz!Box, you must also activate the option Storage (NAS) function of FRITZ! option and also tick the box next to the connected USB drive.

Storage (NAS) configuration
Storage (NAS) configuration

At least one user account should be created in the user settings of the FRITZ! There is a default account fritzxxxx with your FRITZ!Box administration password, which you can use instead of an account you have created yourself. Erstellen bzw. bearbeiten Sie Ihr Benutzerkonto, um Einstellungen für die NAS-Funktionalität der FRITZ!Box vorzunehmen.

FRITZ!Box user settings
FRITZ!Box user settings

Activate the Access to NAS content setting for the desired FRITZ!Box user account so that you can access the NAS storage of the Fritz! Also make sure that you have read and write access to all storage available on the FRITZ! If you only want to restrict access to certain directories on your connected USB storage device, you can set up individual directories via Add directory.

FRITZ!Box user configuration
FRITZ!Box user configuration

To be able to establish a connection to your Fritz!Box, you need the name (usually FRITZ.NAS) or the IP address (network address) of your FRITZ!Box in your local network specified under Home network > USB / Storage under Home network sharing. In Administration, go to Home network > Network, where you will find your FRITZ!Box as the first entry in the network connections. The value listed under IP address only applies within your network for access to your FRITZ!

FRITZ!Box IP address
FRITZ!Box IP address

Now you can start setting up the connection to your FRITZ!Box in PhotoSync. Open the PhotoSync settings, go to Configure > SMB and add a new configuration. Verwenden Sie die folgenden Einstellungen:

Server The IP address of your FRITZ!Box or the name in the network, e.g. fritz.nas
Username The username of your FRITZ!Box user
Password The password of your FRITZ!Box user
Directory leave empty
Port 445
SMB-Version Automatic

You can easily select the directory on your FRITZ!Box to which the transfers should go after creating the connection in the SMB settings of PhotoSync via the setting Target folder, it is recommended to leave the directory empty in the connection settings, unless you know exactly how to address a specific directory.

For a detailed description of how to transfer photos to or from an SMB device using PhotoSync, we recommend How to transfer photos using SMB?

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