How to autotransfer to a computer?

How to autotransfer to a computer?

Autotransfer is a new feature in PhotoSync 2.0 which transfers all New photos in your camera roll to a selected transfer target as soon as you reach a defined location. You can add more than one location to trigger the Autotransfer but you have to make sure that the transfer target is available when the locations are reached, otherwise there will be no transfer.

PhotoSync must not run actively on your iOS device once you defined the location based Autotransfer. If you reach one of the defined locations (reaching means that you must reach it from a distance of at least 200 metres / 220 yards. If you take new photos at the same location that should trigger the Autotransfer nothing will happen) your iPhone will automatically wake up PhotoSync in the background and PhotoSync will start with the transfer. If you enable the option to Wait for Wi-Fi PhotoSync will not start a transfer until it has a proper Wi-Fi connection.

If you are auto-transferring to a computer, the computer must already run when you reach the location. Otherwise, no transfer will happen.

To configure Autotransfer to a permanently running computer at your current location, please follow the following steps:


  1. Open the PhotoSync settings to access the Autotransfer option in the Transfer Targets section

    Figure 1. PhotoSync configuration
    PhotoSync configuration


  2. Tap on Autotransfer to start the Autotransfer configuration

    Figure 2. Configure Autotransfer
    Configure Autotransfer


  3. Tap on Configure to open step 1 of the Autotransfer configuration. The Autotransfer target selection contains all available transfer targets that are configured on your iOS device.

    Figure 3. Select target
    Select target


  4. If you want to create an Autotransfer to a computer, make sure that the computer is running and PhotoSync Companion is installed on the computer and running. Tap on Computer to enter the next step of the Autotransfer configuration.

    Figure 4. Select device
    Select device


  5. Tap on your preferred device to select it.

    Figure 5. Autotransfer asks to use the current location
    Autotransfer asks to use the current location


  6. If you did not allow PhotoSync to use your current location, the Autotransfer configuration will ask for. If you want to use the location based Autotransfer with your iOS device, you must accept this request with OK.

    Figure 6. Select destination
    Select destination


  7. Accepting the location request automatically adds your current location as an Autotransfer location.

    Figure 7. Complete Autotransfer settings
    Complete Autotransfer settings


  8. The start date defines that only new photos and videos taken on or after the selected date will be transferred with Autotransfer. With the default setting of the actual date it ensures that only new photos and videos starting with the actual date will be transferred. If you just installed PhotoSync and all your photos in the Camera Roll are marked as New, you usually don't want all these photos and videos transferred with Autotransfer.

    Figure 8. Transfer to the target device
    Transfer to the target device


    An active Autotransfer configuration is shown in the settings with the symbol of the selected transfer target.


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