How to transfer to Google Drive (iPad)?

How to transfer to Google Drive?

Ensure PhotoSync is installed on your source device and that you have an internet connection. Attention: You need a Google Drive account to upload your pictures to Google Drive.

Select a picture/video folder on your source device.

Tap the thumbnails of the pictures and videos that you want to sync to your Google Drive account. Upon tapping a red button appears. To deselect just tap again. See the next step for other syncing possibilities.

Figure 1. Select pictures
Select pictures


Tap the red sync button and then select your preferred action type: New, Selected, or All.

Figure 2. Transfer


Figure 3. Choose transfer type
Choose transfer type


Select the destination of where you want to transfer to. Tap the Google Drive button if you want to transfer to your Google Drive account.

Figure 4. Select destination
Select destination


You must authenticate with your Google Drive account before your first transfer to Google Drive. PhotoSync guides you through this process.

Figure 5. Authorize before the first transfer
Authorize before the first transfer


PhotoSync requests access to your Google Drive account and lists the necessary permissions after a successful autorization. When you tap Accept to allow access to Google Drive you will be redirected to PhotoSync and after a short moment your transfer starts.

Figure 6. Google Drive authentication website - Login
Google Drive authentication website - Login


Figure 7. Google Drive authentication website - Permission settings
Google Drive authentication website - Permission settings


Your pictures will then be transferred to your Google Drive account.

Figure 8. Transfer to Google Drive
Transfer to Google Drive
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