How to transfer photos to ownCloud?

To transfer photos to/from a ownCloud personal cloud server you need to create a (secure) WebDAV connection with ownCloud. To get the connection information open a web browser and login into your ownCloud server. Go to the Files section and click on the Settings button in the bottom left of the screen. This will show a text field containing an URL to connect to your ownCloud server via WebDAV. That URL and the user credentials are all you need to create a connection to your ownCloud server with PhotoSync.

ownCloud settings
ownCloud settings

Open the PhotoSync settings, go to Configure > WebDAV and add a new configuration. Use the following configuration settings:

Server The IP address or server name of the ownCloud server, e.g.
Port 443 for secure connections (https) or 80 for normal connections (http)
Login The username to connect to the ownCloud server
Password The password to connect to the ownCloud server
Directory The path that is shown in the ownCloud settings after the server name, e.g. remote.php/webdav

Tap on Done to create the connection and use it for your transfers.

ownCloud example configuration
ownCloud example configuration

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