Supported Nikon Wi-Fi Cameras

* PhotoSync for iOS 4.2 and higher

Model Connect to Camera Wi-Fi Connect to existing Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot
Download from cameras to iPhone/iPad
View photos/videos on iPhone/iPad, Immediate transfer after shoot
Photobooth mode (AirPlay & HDMI)
Immediate transfer after shoot
Transfer to remote locations
Photobooth mode (AirPlay & HDMI)
Nikon Z6 X X
Nikon Z7 X X
Nikon Z50 X X
Nikon D5300 X
Nikon D5500 X
Nikon 5600* X
Nikon D7200 X
Nikon D7500* X
Nikon D500* X
Nikon D750 X
Nikon D780 X X
Nikon D850* X
*Requires latest firmware upgrade.

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