How can I pair my Nikon Camera with PhotoSync to transfer photos/videos or enable remote shooting?

After successful configuration you will be able to transfer photos / videos from your Nikon camera to your iPhone / iPad over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync also enables shoot & transfer: Photos & videos are transferred to your iPhone / iPad right after shooting. Optionally also immediate transfer to remote locations (computer, NAS, cloud) can be configured and photo booth support over HDMI & Airplay to a big TV screen is possible. You can connect your iPhone / iPad directly to the camera's Wi-Fi network. Selected Nikon cameras you may also connect to an existing Wi-Fi network or a mobile hotspot.



  • A Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot (required for shoot & save to remote targets like computer, NAS or cloud)

Step 1

Open the settings menu on your Nikon camera and select "Connect to smart device". Some models also have a menu item called just "Wi-Fi". If this entry is present, please select it instead.


You can also alternatively connect your camera to an existing Wi-Fi network. This is required if you want to transfer to a remote location like computer, NAS or cloud.

To connect to an existing network touch „Connect to PC“ and then connect to your existing network. Also enable "Auto send" in the camera's settings menu. „Connect to PC“ is only supported on some Nikon cameras. In this mode „Browsing photos & videos“ stored on the camera is not supported.

Fig. 1. Nikon: Connect to smart device / Connect to Wi-Fi
Nikon: Connect to smart device / Connect to Wi-Fi

Select “Wi-Fi connection” and confirm your selection either with the OK button or use the touchscreen (if available on your camera).

Fig. 2-1. Nikon: Wi-Fi connection
Nikon: Wi-Fi connection

Step 2

In the next screen select „Establish Wi-Fi connection“ and confirm the selection.

Fig. 2-2. Nikon: Establish Wi-Fi connection
Nikon: Establish Wi-Fi connection

Step 3

The camera will create a Wi-Fi hotspot you can connect your iPhone / iPad to. The connection information (Wi-Fi SSID and password) is now displayed. You will need to enter this password on your iPhone / iPad in the next step.

Fig. 3. Nikon – Wi-Fi Information display
Nikon: Wi-Fi Information display

Step 4

Take your iPhone / iPad, open the system settings and touch Wi-Fi. Select the Nikon (here: Z_50_6014907) Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password as displayed on your camera screen.

Fig. 4.1. iOS: Select Wi-Fi
iOS: Select Wi-Fi

Fig. 4.2. iOS: Enter Wi-Fi password
iOS: Enter Wi-Fi password

Step 5

Now open PhotoSync, touch the red sync button, touch „Receive“ and select the „Nikon Wi-Fi“ target. After a moment PhotoSync will detect your camera.

Fig. 5.1. iOS: Select Nikon target
iOS: Select Nikon target

Step 6

The camera will confirm the connection.

Fig. 6.1. Nikon: Connection confirmation
Nikon: Connection confirmation

Step 7

You can now continue on your iPhone / iPad.
You can now browse the photos on your camera or shoot & transfer to your iPhone / iPad.

Fig. 7. iOS: Select mode
iOS: Select mode

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