How can I pair my Lumix Camera with PhotoSync to transfer photos/videos or enable remote shooting?

After successful configuration you will be able to transfer photos / videos from your Lumix camera to your iPhone / iPad over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync also enables shoot & transfer(wirless tethering): Photos & videos are transferred to your iPhone / iPad right after shooting. Optionally also immediate transfer to remote locations (computer, NAS, cloud) can be configured and photo booth support over HDMI & Airplay to a big TV screen is possible. You can connect your iPhone / iPad directly to the camera's Wi-Fi network, an existing Wi-Fi network or a mobile hotspot.



  • A Wi-Fi network or mobile hotspot (required for shoot & save to remote targets like computer, NAS or cloud)

Step 1

Open the Wi-Fi menu of your camera and select “Wi-Fi Function” and confirm your selection either with the Menu button or use the touchscreen (if available on your camera).

Fig. 1. Lumix: Wi-Fi Function
Lumix: Wi-Fi Configuration

Now select “New Connection”.

Fig. 1.1. Lumix: New connection
Lumix: New connection

Step 2

In the next screen select „Remote Shooting & View“ to view/download photos from your camera

Fig. 2. Lumix: Remote Shooting & View
Lumix: Remote Shooting & View


If you want to use Shoot & Transfer (wireless tethering) select the "Send Images While Recording -> Smartphone"instead of "Remote Shooting & View"

Shoot & Transfer immediately transfers photos to your iPhone/iPad right after pressing the shutter button and optionally also to remote locations like Computer, NAS and Cloud.

Step 3

Now you can connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot of your camera. If you want to instead connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, press the "DISP" button and change the connection method.

Fig. 3. Lumix – Wi-Fi Information display
Lumix – Wi-Fi Information display

Step 4

Take your iPhone / iPad, open the system settings and touch Wi-Fi. Select the Lumix (here: GX80_A1FA06) Wi-Fi network. If you configured your Lumix Camera requiring a Wi-Fi password you need to enter it.

Fig. 4.1. iOS: Select Wi-Fi
iOS: Select Wi-Fi

The camera will now confirm that the Wi-Fi connection is completed.

Fig. 4.2. Lumix: Wi-Fi connection complete
Lumix: Wi-Fi connection complete

Step 5

Now open PhotoSync, touch the red sync button, touch „Receive“ and select the „Lumix Wi-Fi“ target. After a moment PhotoSync will detect your camera

Fig. 5.1. iOS: Select Lumix target
iOS: Select Lumix target

Afer a moment PhotoSync will detect your camera. Confirm the selection.

Fig. 5.2. iOS: Confirm Lumix target
iOS: Select Lumix target

Step 6

You might need to confirm the pairing on your camera.

Fig. 6. Lumix: Confirm pairing
Lumix: Confirm pairing

Step 7

You can now continue on your iPhone / iPad.
You can now browse the photos on your camera or shoot & transfer to your iPhone / iPad.


For subsequent connections you don't need to go through the entire process again. Instead just of "New Connection" in Step 1 just select "Select a destination from History" or "Select a destination from Favorite"

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