How can I pair my Fujifilm Camera with PhotoSync to transfer photos / videos or enable remote shooting?

After successful configuration you will be able to transfer photos / videos from your Fujifilm camera to your iPhone / iPad over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync also enables shoot & transfer (wireless tethering): Photos & videos are transferred to your iPhone / iPad right after shooting. Optionally, immediate transfer to remote locations (computer, NAS, cloud) can be configured, plus photo booth support over HDMI & Airplay to a big TV screen is also possible.



Step 1

Open the record or playback menu of your camera and select the “Wireless Communcation” option and confirm your selection with the OK button.

Fig. 1. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi Function
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi Configuration

Step 2

The camera will start a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to.

Fig. 2. Fujifilm – Wi-Fi Information display
Fujifilm – Wi-Fi Information display

Step 3

Take your iPhone / iPad, open the system settings and touch Wi-Fi. Select the Fujifilm (here: FUJIFILM-X-H1-0936) Wi-Fi network.

Fig. 3.1. iOS: Select Wi-Fi
iOS: Select Wi-Fi

Optional: If your camera has been paired to another app before, press "OK" on the camera for Change (allow a new pairing).

Fig. 3.2. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete

Step 4

Now open PhotoSync, touch the red sync button, touch „Receive“ and select the "Fujifilm Wi-Fi“ target.

Fig. 4.1. iOS: Select Fujifilm target
iOS: Select Fujifilm target

Optional: Your camera might require you to confirm the connection.

Fig. 4.2. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete

Step 5

Now choose the prefered mode for transfer. You can either browse / select the photos for transfer on your iPhone / iPad or alternatively perform the selection on the camera.

Fig. 5.1. iOS: Confirm transfer mode
iOS: Confirm transfer mode

Step 6

You can now browse the photos on your camera or select the photo directly on your camera to transfer them to your iPhone / iPad.

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