How can I pair my Fujifilm Camera with PhotoSync to transfer photos / videos or enable remote shooting?

After successful configuration you will be able to transfer photos / videos from your Fujifilm camera to your iPhone / iPad over Wi-Fi. PhotoSync also enables shoot & transfer (wireless tethering): Photos & videos are transferred to your iPhone / iPad right after shooting. Optionally, immediate transfer to remote locations (computer, NAS, cloud) can be configured, plus photo booth support over HDMI & Airplay to a big TV screen is also possible.



Step 1

Open the record or playback menu of your camera and select the “Wireless Communcation” option and confirm your selection with the OK button.

Fig. 1. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi Function
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi Configuration


To transfer RAW photos, you need to connect your camera in "PC Auto Save" mode. For the initial pairing open the connection/network menu of your camera and choose "PC Auto Save" and connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. In PhotoSync tap the red sync button, "Receive" and "Fujifilm WiFi" to confirm the pairing. You can then start "PC Auto Save" from the playback menu of your camera and connect to the camera by selecting "Fujifilm Wi-Fi" in PhotoSynyc.

PhotoSync also supports wireless tethering on selected Fujifilm X cameras. Shoot & Transfer immediately transfers photos to your iPhone/iPad right after pressing the shutter button and optionally also to remote locations like computer, NAS and cloud. To connect for tethering, open the network menu of your camera and connect to an existing Wi-Fi network. Then choose "Wireless tethering fixed" in the "PC connection" menu of your camera. Connect to the camera by tapping the red sync button, "Receive" and then "Fujifilm Wi-Fi"

Step 2

The camera will start a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect your iPhone/iPad to.

Fig. 2. Fujifilm – Wi-Fi Information display
Fujifilm – Wi-Fi Information display

Step 3

Take your iPhone / iPad, open the system settings and touch Wi-Fi. Select the Fujifilm (here: FUJIFILM-X-H1-0936) Wi-Fi network.

Fig. 3.1. iOS: Select Wi-Fi
iOS: Select Wi-Fi

Optional: If your camera has been paired to another app before, press "OK" on the camera for Change (allow a new pairing).

Fig. 3.2. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete

Step 4

Now open PhotoSync, touch the red sync button, touch „Receive“ and select the "Fujifilm Wi-Fi“ target.

Fig. 4.1. iOS: Select Fujifilm target
iOS: Select Fujifilm target

Optional: Your camera might require you to confirm the connection.

Fig. 4.2. Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete
Fujifilm: Wi-Fi connection complete

Step 5

Now choose the prefered mode for transfer. You can either browse / select the photos for transfer on your iPhone / iPad or alternatively perform the selection on the camera.

Fig. 5.1. iOS: Confirm transfer mode
iOS: Confirm transfer mode

Step 6

You can now browse the photos on your camera or select the photo directly on your camera to transfer them to your iPhone / iPad.

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