How to utilize a cellular connection for transfer while being connected to a camera's wifi hotspot?

While connected to a camera's wifi hotspot, you do not have internet access. However, by changing the wifi-settings, you can utilize the cellular connection to regain internet access and transfer photos/videos directly to a cloud service or NAS, while still being connected to the camera wifi.

Open the wi-fi system settings and touch the i-icon right next to the name of the camera wifi (here: EOS200D-290_Canon0A).

iOS Wi-Fi settings
iOS Wi-Fi Settings

Now take note of the IP-address (here: and the subnet mask (here: as we need them for the next step. Then tap on the "Configure IP" cell.

Settings for Wi-Fi network
Settings for Wi-Fi network

Next switch from "Automatic" to "Manual" and then enter the noted values (here: and in the entry fields for "IP Address" and "Subnet Mask". To finish the configuration touch "Save". The device will now use the cellular connection, while still being conected to the camera wifi.

Manual IP configuration
Manual IP configuration

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