How to configure PhotoSync to receive photos/videos from cameras over FTP?

After successful configuration you will be able to receive photos / videos from professional cameras from Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fujifilm over FTP.


  • PhotoSync for iOS 4.6 or higher
  • Professional camera from Canon, Nikon, Sony or Fujifilm that supports FTP transfers

Step 1

Open the PhotoSync settings, touch "Configure" and then tap on the brand of camera you want to configure (e.g. Canon EOS Wi-Fi).

Fig. 1. Configure Camera
Configure Camera

Step 2

Tap on "FTP-Server" to configure PhotoSync's built in FTP server.

Fig. 2. Camera Settings
Camera Settings

Step 3

Now activate the FTP server and enter a username and password that you want to use to connect the camera to PhotoSync's FTP server. You may also adjust the port number.

Fig. 3. FTP Settings
FTP Settings

Step 4

Return to the main screen, tap the red sync button, then "Receive" and choose the camera (e.g. Canon EOS Wi-Fi) you want to receive from.

Fig. 4. Camera Receive
Camera Receive

Step 5

PhotoSync will now wait for incoming FTP connections. Use the displayed IP address, port and the user name / password you entered in Step 3 to configure your camera's FTP client and then connect.

Fig. 5. FTP Receive
FTP Receive

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