How does the autotransfer feature work?

How does the autotransfer feature work?

Autotransfer is a new feature since PhotoSync 2.0 for iOS. It allows you to transfer your new photos location based to a previously defined transfer target.

Autotransfer is based on Geofencing. It triggers only, when you ARRIVE at one of your defined locations - not when you are already there. In addition to that the points you define as locations need to be at least 200m (220 yrds) away from each other and you also need to be 200m (220 yrds) away from a location before entering it, if you want Autotransfer to be triggered.

When autotransfer is triggered by one of the locations you reach, it wakes up PhotoSync in the background, so there is no need for you to actually run PhotoSync actively. If you forced the autotransfer to wait for a Wi-Fi, PhotoSync tries for a certain time to get a stable Wi-Fi signal and then starts the transfer. PhotoSync cannot look for a certain Wi-Fi. It will use any Wi-Fi that your iOS device uses to connect to. If you are transferring to a computer, this computer must be up an running already.

PhotoSync tries to transfer all photos and videos in your Camera Roll that are marked as New (with a blue frame) starting with the recording date you defined in the autotransfer settings.

For more information on how to configure the autotransfer feature, please read our article: How do I autotransfer to a computer? It describes autotransfer from an iPhone to a Computer, but the basics are valid for any PhotoSync transfer target (e.g. Droppbox, Facebook, ...).

As soon as the location based autotransfer is enabled in PhotoSync you will see an outlined compass needle in the top right corner of your iOS device indicating that the geofencing is activated.


Figure 1. Outlined compass needle showing that a geofencing service is running
Outlined compass needle showing that a geofencing service is running


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