Privacy Policy for Facebook

Last revised on April 1, 2012

PhotoSync collects personally identifiable information from you solely to operate the Service as described in the “How We Use Your User Information” section below.  We will not sell your personally identifiable information to advertisers or spammers.”

Information We Collect About You

PhotoSync enables you to send your photos/videos directly to your Facebook account and create albums to store the photos/videos. The posted photos/videos will be shown on your Facebook wall according to your privacy settings. The access to your personal information will only be used to retrieve your email address to show it to you in the Facebook settings of PhotoSync when you're logged in.

When first using PhotoSync, you will also be asked to grant us access to additional Facebook Information that you are allowed to share under Facebook’s policies. Currently, we ask that you share all information that you are allowed to share under Facebook policies. This information includes:

  • your contact information, including your email address
  • your photos
  • your videos

It also asks for optional permissions to

  • post on your behalf
  • access your data any time

Information We Collect When You Access the Service on a Mobile Device

We don't collect any information of yours when you use PhotoSync on your mobile device. PhotoSync asks to enable location services on your mobile device, but we never save or collect your location data in any way. The access to location services is only needed to provide full access to your original photos on the mobile device and to present a custom photo/video picker inside the app. The permission to access the original photos and to present a custom photo/video picker is only granted with location services enabled and forced by Apple guidelines.

Mobile Log-In Information

To log into the Mobile Software, you must input your email address and Facebook password.  This Facebook login information is collected directly by Facebook as part of the login process and does not pass through our servers.

How We Use Your User Information

We don't use your user information in any way. We only access your user information to display your email address in the Facebook settings.

We will not sell your personally identifiable User Information to advertisers or spammers.  

Updates to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our information processing practices or for any other purpose.  We will post a notice in the Info section of the Service’s profile to notify you of any significant changes to the Privacy Policy and indicate there and at the top of the Privacy Policy when it was most recently updated. 

How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at or telephone at +49 40 33441989.  You also may write to us at touchbyte GmbH, Mittelweg 121a, 20148 Hamburg, Germany.