Wie nutze ich PhotoSync mit einem QNAP NAS?

Wie nutze ich PhotoSync mit einem QNAP NAS?

This instruction applies for all QNAP NAS devices that run the QNAP firmware 4.2 or higher. For other firmware versions the screens may be different.

To use PhotoSync with a QNAP NAS, you need to configure the NAS for FTP access first.

Connect to your QNAP device with a web browser, log in to the administration interface and open the Control Panel. If you don't know the IP address of your QNAP device yet (which you should to connect via web browser) you can see it in the Network setting under System Settings

Figure 1. QNAP network settings
QNAP network settings


Make sure that you have a least one user defined to grant access to your QNAP device. If not, please go to Users in the Privilege Settings to create a new user. You user needs write access to at least one shared folder. To open the shared folder permissions, please click on the Edit Shared Folder Permission button next to the user name.

Figure 2. QNAP users
QNAP users


In the shared folder permissions window please check the RW (Read/Write) permission for at least one of your shared folders to grant the user write access to the shared folder.

Figure 3. QNAP shared folder permissions
QNAP shared folder permissions


If you want to create additional shared folders, you can do this in the Shared Folders setting in the Privilege Settings.

Figure 4. QNAP shared folders
QNAP shared folders


Finally to use your shared folders with your QNAP users for file transfers, you need to enable FTP service (file transfer protocol) in the FTP settings in Network Services. PhotoSync also supports encrypted FTP with SSL/TLS (FTPS), so you may want to enable this option too. We recommend to enable Unicode support for your FTP service. PhotoSync by default uses Unicode for the file and folder names.

Figure 5. QNAP FTP settings
QNAP FTP settings


Apply all your changes and connect your QNAP with PhotoSync: Open the PhotoSync settings, choose Configure > FTP and create an FTP connection with the following configuration values:


Server: IP address of your QNAP NAS, in this example
Port: Port number of your FTP service, in this example 21
Login: Username of your QNAP user, e.g. photosync
Password: Password of your QNAP user
Directory: leave empty, can be selected later
FTP Mode: Automatic


Tap on Done to initiate the connection. Use the FTP target you created to transfer photos to your QNAP NAS or to browse and retrieve photos from your QNAP NAS.

Figure 6. QNAP NAS FTP settings in PhotoSync
QNAP NAS FTP settings in PhotoSync


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