Wie übertrage ich Fotos zu meinem iOS-Gerät mit einem Webbrowser?

Wie übertrage ich Fotos zu meinem iOS-Gerät mit einem Webbrowser?

Start PhotoSync on your iPhone/iPod Touch and tap the red transfer button.

Figure 1. Start transfer
Start transfer

Select Receive, tap the Computer button and follow the instructions on the screen. To receive (and send) photos from a web browser on your computer, start a web browser on your computer (Mac or PC) and enter the PhotoSync internet address that is shown to you into the web browser. Attention: Ensure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Figure 2. Send/Receive


Enter the address in the address bar of your web browser:

Figure 3. Web browser address bar
Web browser address bar


Now wait for the albums of your iPhone/iPad Touch to appear in the web browser.

As soon as you connect to your iOS device with the web browser, the screen of the iOS device changes and shows that a web browser is connected accessing the device.

Figure 4. Send/Receive


Click on Upload to start an upload to your iPhone. Select a target album and click on Select or enter a name for a new album and click on Create

Figure 5. Upload album selection
Upload album selection


Drag the photo from your favorite file manager into the drag & drop area in the web browser.

Figure 6. Dragging files for upload
Dragging files for upload


The photos upload automatically to your iPhone into the specified album.


Figure 7. Photo upload
Photo upload


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