Wie erzeuge ich ein Ad-Hoc-Netzwerk unter Windows 8?

You can create a Wi-Fi network between two or more devices without using a Wi-Fi router. These networks are often referred to as ad-hoc networks. All you need is a computer with Wi-Fi running Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) feature to allow devices to connect to the internet connection of your PC.

  1. Press the shortcut Windows Key + Q to open the app search in Windows 8.

  2. Enter cmd in the search box on the right, the search result will be displayed on the left.

  3. Right click on the cmd app in the search results

    Figure 1. cmd app in the search results
    cmd app in the search results


  4. Click on Run as administrator

  5. Enter the following command to configure an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=photosyncnet key=12345678

  6. Press the Enter key and you should receive the following output: The hosted network node has been set to allow...

  7. Now enter the following command: netsh wlan start hostednetwork

  8. Press the Enter key and you should receive the following output: The hosted network started.

  9. Now enable the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS): Go to Network & Sharing Center, open the properties for the current internet connection, and enable ICS. Don't forget to select the ad-hoc network connection under Home networking connection.

  10. Now your iOS devices can join the network you've created by selecting its name in the Wi-Fi section of the device settings

    Figure 2. Choose a network
    Choose a network


  11. After connecting your iOS device with the ad-hoc network give your computer some time to assign a valid internet address to your iOS device. This may take a few seconds.

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