PhotoSync tells me that Bonjour Service is not working. How to start it?

PhotoSync tells me that Bonjour Service is not working. How do I start it?

The error message indicates that eventually the Apple Bonjour Service is not running on your Windows Computer. Bonjour Service is an internet protocol that is used for the device auto-detection in PhotoSync. Without a proper running Bonjour Service, you won't be able to locate other PhotoSync devices in your network. PhotoSync indicates problems with the Bonjour service by showing a red exclamation mark in the system task bar icon, also in the app menu you should see entries that shows Bonjour Service: Not Running.

Figure 1. Bonjour Service: Not Running
Bonjour Service: Not Running


To make sure that Bonjour Service is installed and running, please open the Windows Services Desktop app. Please enter service in the Cortana search field and Windows will offer you the Services Desktop app as an option. Click on the search result to open the Services Desktop app.


Figure 2. Search results for Services app
Search results for Services app


When the services window comes up, look for a service called Bonjour Service. The status of this service should be Running. If this is not the case, please select the service entry with your mouse, and click on the start button in the toolbar or just double click the Bonjour Service entry to open the properties for that service.


Figure 3. Stopped Bonjour Service
Stopped Bonjour Service


In the Bonour Service Properties you can click the Start button to start the service and - if not set yet - set the Startup type to Automatic to automatically start Bonjour Service when your computer starts.


Figure 4. Bonjour Service Properties
Bonjour Service Properties


Close the properties by clicking the OK button. You will see in the services list that Bonjour Service is now Running and scheduled for Automatic start.


Figure 5. Running Bonjour Service
Running Bonjour Service


With the Bonjour Service running, PhotoSync should show you the status Bonjour Service: Running in the app menu.


Figure 6. Running Bonjour Service
Running Bonjour Service


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