PhotoSync Companion reports a DNSServiceBrowse error -65563. What can I do?

This error occurs sometimes if the Apple Bonjour Printer Service is not running as expected.

Please open the Windows Control Panel and open "View local services" in the Administrative Tools. When the services Window comes up, look for a service called "Bonjour Service". It should have a Status "Started" which it most likely doesn't have and this causes the error.

Select the service, and click the restart button to restart the service (it is a button with a grey bar and a green triangle) in the command bar of the window or the "Restart the service" link in the service description.

Windows Services

Then change the startup type of 'Bonjour Service' to 'Automatic'. This will start the service the next time your computer restarts.

Now quit PhotoSync Companion and start it again. The error should no longer be a threat.

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