Why can't I transfer from my iOS device to my Windows computer?

PhotoSync Companion uses two different internet protocols to communicate with your mobile device:

  • Apple Bonjour protocol to allow all PhotoSync devices to find each other in the same Wi-Fi network
  • PhotoSync Communication protocol over HTTP to send/receive files between Windows Companion and your mobile device

PhotoSync Companion uses a special certificate that automatically adds the PhotoSync Communication protocol into Windows Firewall. However, if you are having difficulties transferring from your Windows computer to your mobile device and you use an individual "personal firewall", you may have to adjust the firewall settings to permit the Windows Companion access to the Internet (in fact your local Wi-Fi network). Many personal firewalls automatically detect these protocols and offer to add PhotoSync Companion into the firewall.

Each brand of personal firewall software works differently depending on the manufacturer. Please refer to your firewall software documentation for specific directions. In general, you may need to do the following:

  • Allow "PhotoSync.exe" access to TCP and UDP port 35722
  • Allow Apple Bonjour protocol access to UDP port 5353

Adding PhotoSync Companion to McAfee Antivirus Plus firewall

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