How to configure McAfee Total protection 2011 to work with PhotoSync?

The following steps have to be taken to run PhotoSync Companion with McAfee Total Protection 2011.

When you first start PhotoSync Companion it tries to open a web browser (http) connection to check the app version. McAfee Total Protection opens a overlay and asks you if you want to allow this internet access event for PhotoSync. PhotoSync only reads a version number file from the PhotoSync website so you can allow this even. If you press allow, this adds PhotoSync Companion to the list of applications in the McAfee Total Protection firewall.

Allow internet access event PhotoSync

Now open the McAfee Console and choose "View Application List" from the Action Menu. You will see the applications that are allowed to communicate with the firewall.

Application List 

You have to add the Apple Bonjour Service to the firewall if it not exists. Look for the application name "Bonjour Service". To add the Bonjour Service, click on the Add button and go to the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bonjour" in which you will find the app mDNSResponder that you have to add.

Add Bonjour Service to the firewall 

Select mDNSResponder and click the Open button to add the app. This will add the "Bonjour Service" to your list of allowed applications.

Adding mDNSResponder adds Bonjour Service to your list 

Now you have to add the PhotoSync Communication Protocol as well to your firewall. Go back to the main screen of McAfee Total Protection and select "Set Connection Type" from the Action Menu. In the Firewall Connection Type window please select the Custom radio button and press the "Edit" button.

Custom connection 

Select the "My subnet" radio button and press the "Add Approved Service" button on the bottom of the window.

Add approved service 

Enter a name for the new approved service (e.g. PhotoSync) enter the port number 35722 in the "Port" and the "to:" input field and select Protocol "Both" from the Protocol drop down field. Then press "OK" to save the new approved service.

Add PhotoSync service

The new approved service should now be available in the service list.

Approved service in the service list

With all these steps done, you are able to use PhotoSync and PhotoSync Companion to move files from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your Windows PC and vice versa.

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