How to configure Comodo Firewall to work with PhotoSync?

This walkthrough is for the free Comodo Firewall product. It should work in the same way if you use Comodo Internet Security with Comodo Firewall. All you have to do with Comodo Firewall is to add PhotoSync as a trusted application in the firewall application filter.

To do so, please open the Comodo Firewall settings and click the "Firewall" button.

The firewall configuration should open. On the Application Rules tab click the "Add..." button to add a new application rule for PhotoSync:

Add a new application rule

To enter the PhotoSync Companion application path, click the "Select" button next to the Application Path field and select "Browse..." to browse for the PhotoSync Companion application.

Browse for PhotoSync Companion

PhotoSync Companion is usually located in C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoSync\. Go to the location where you installed PhotoSync Companion and select the PhotoSync executable in the file window and click the "Open" button to add the application path.

Select PhotoSync Companion executable

In the Network Access Rules section check the "Use a Predefined Policy" option and select "Trusted Application" from the according drop down field.

Add PhotoSync Companion as Trusted Application

Apply these settings and save the Application Rule by clicking the OK button.

Successfully added PhotoSync Companion Application Rule

PhotoSync Companion is now added as a trusted application in Comodo Firewall and file transfer should no longer be blocked by the firewall.

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