PhotoSync Companion 3.1.0 for Windows released

  • NEWChanged Tooltip icon which was looking very weird on Windows 10 installations
  • Bug fix: Fixed the order of the remote folders of Android devices. The "Use parent folder name" option was sorted alphabetically instead being shown at the top
  • Bug fix: Added additional MPG extensions to supported video formats
  • Bug fix: Added Windows media extensions to supported video and photo formats
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash if last upload directory no longer exists
  • Bug fix: Delete temporary or partially transferred files when a transfer will be cancelled or the sending mobile app will be forced to close or crashes
  • Bug fix: Removed some hard wired German text
  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash that could occur when the last modification date was changed
  • Bug fix: Fixed temp file name generation because on systems with more than 65535 files in the system temp directory, the system GetTempfilename function wasn't able to create a new temporary file which caused a network connection lost error on the sending devices because the transfer did fail during temp file generation