PhotoSync 3.2.0 (2971) for Android released

  • Fixed multiple occurrences of receiving window when transferring using a web browser connection
  • Fixed autotransfer with album name setting. autotransfers from the "All" album did not create the "All" folder on the target when "Album name" was chosen for the subfolder generation
  • Added a check for FTP connections to test the transferred file for a file size larger than 0 bytes because a user reported that empty uploads have been declared as successful and the originals have been deleted
  • Fixed a file size conversion that caused every receiving transfer with a size larger than 2,147,483,647 bytes to fail
  • Added short timeout period for receiving window to prevent a blocked UI when the receive process stops unexpectedly
  • Fixed the device boot handling to prevent the background services from starting even when no autotransfer is available
  • Fixed an initial crash on Android P caused by a crash of a native library for the device detection

If you have questions or comments, please write to support@photosync-app.com. We can reply to your comments / reviews in the Google Play Store but can answer you more fully if you write us an email.
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