PhotoSync 3.1.8 (2935) for Android released

  • Fixed autotransfer in the foreground. The autotransfer changed into the quick transfer settings which then caused problems with the device detection for computer transfers.
  • Added missing connection and transfer timeouts for SMB and FTP connections
  • Changed default settings and disabled autotransfer in the foreground by default
  • Added additional permission checks for geofencing based autotransfer in case the permissions have been revoked. PhotoSync crashed on startup when the geofencing permissions have been revoked.
  • Fixed an issue with the correct path generation for FTP transfers. Under some circumstances, paths have been concatenated in the wrong way causing transfer errors
  • Changed the default subdirectory creation settings from "Device name + Album name" to "Device name + Folder name"
  • Removed permanent background operation notification on Android O and higher when PhotoSync changes to background mode
  • Disabled the background thumbnail generation to save battery power

If you have questions or comments, please write to support@photosync-app.com. We can reply to your comments / reviews in the Google Play Store but can answer you more fully if you write us an email.
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