PhotoSync 3.1.3 (2794) for Android released

  • NEW Added a general "Any Wi-Fi network" option for the Wi-Fi based autotransfer
  • RAW photo support will be disabled by default to prevent performance issues building the photo library
  • Changed the sequence of the selected photos for transfer according to the display settings of the device
  • Improved sort speed for selections when sending selected objects
  • Prevent adding folders to the photo library when the folder is wrongly marked as an image or video in the Android media store. This fixes an ENOENT error that occurs when PhotoSync tries to send a folder as an image or video.
  • Fixed the "Preserve File Dates" option in FTP. It couldn't be disabled once it is enabled
  • Added automatic retry for uploads to various services when certain errors occur to prevent the app from stopping a transfer due to a minor error
  • Fixed a bug using the system generated device name instead of the device name set in the display settings for subfolder generation
  • Added more detailed error messages for SMB connections
  • Fixed various OTG device crashes
  • Improved the speed to build the album list of OTG devices for the album sidebar in PhotoSync
  • Fixed select before transfer window handling for all services with a caption change option
  • Fixed a crash listing device albums and when no device album exists on the device
  • Fixed a crash sending photos
  • Fixed a crash calculating the size of the actual album
  • Fixed a crash deleting files
  • Fixed a crash creating SMB folders
  • Improved delete performance for photos on an external SD card
  • Added performance fixes to calculate selected, new and all photos for a transfer
  • Fixed a problem with overlapping windows when autotransfer to a computer is started but the target is not available
  • Removed album creation from Picasa/Google Photos since this is no longer made available by Google for 3rd parties
  • Fixed reported crashes

If you have questions or comments, please write to support@photosync-app.com. We can reply to your comments / reviews in the Google Play Store but can answer you more fully if you write us an email.
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