PhotoSync 3.1.1 (2638) for Android released

  • NEW Added display settings to show/hide folders in PhotoSync. If you don't want to view or transfer your WhatsApp images or your Downloads folder in PhotoSync, just hide it
  • NEW Autotransfer now works in background and in foreground. If you don't want it to interfere in foreground, just disable it in the Expert Settings
  • Added smoother transition from peek & pop view back to thumbnails view and removed flickering
  • Fixed Google Drive uploads which were targeting deleted folders in the trash
  • Added error message for devices with an Android version less than 4.3 when trying to login to OneDrive for Business to prevent a crash. OneDrive for Business cannot be supported on these Android versions.
  • Added an optional redirect to the SD card settings if an error message pops up after trying to delete photos from an SD card without the necessary permissions
  • Fixed a reported crash trying to delete photos from an external SD card with no permissions
  • Fixed a reported crash in the peek & pop view
  • Fixed a reported crash setting the album status in the thumbnail view
  • Fixed a reported crash generating a folder in OneDrive
  • Fixed a reported crash referencing to a non-existing document on an external SD card
  • Fixed a reported crash when a memory error occurs uploading to Flickr
  • Fixed a reported crash that occurs on Samsung devices with Android 5.1.1 adding USB devices
  • Fixed a reported crash uploading to Dropbox
  • Fixed a reported crash starting a send or receive operation for a web or photo service
  • Fixed a reported crash when someone is trying to open an URL from PhotoSync but no compatible app is assigned to handle the URL
  • Fixed problems transferring to SMB or WebDAV having the "Allow overwrite" option disabled. The option wasn't recognized.
  • Added additional detailed log statements in the "Info" log level to analyze possible autotransfer problems
  • Added fix connecting to ownCloud or NextCloud when the server redirects to the https version

If you have questions or comments, please write to support@photosync-app.com. We can reply to your comments / reviews in the Google Play Store but can answer you more fully if you write us an email.
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