How to transfer into the Photos app on my Mac?

How to transfer into the Photos app on my Mac?

Ensure PhotoSync is installed on both your source device and target device (Apple computer running Mac OS X). The PhotoSync client application software for your Mac is available at

Start the PhotoSync application on your Mac. Open the PhotoSync settings of the Mac application and make sure that you selected Photos as transfer target in the receive settings.

Figure 1. Select Photos as transfer target in the PhotoSync app on the Mac
Select Photos as transfer target in the PhotoSync app on the Mac

Run PhotoSync on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod). Attention: Ensure both target and source devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you want to select from your existing Photos albums or create a new album for the transferred photos, please open the PhotoSync settings, choose Configure, then Computer and set the Select Before Transfer switch to ON. This always shows you a selection of your Photos albums before your transfer will start.

Figure 2. Select album
Select album


Select a picture/video folder on your source device.

Figure 3. Select album
Select album


Tap the thumbnails of the pictures and videos that you want to sync to your Mac. Upon tapping a red button appears. To deselect just tap again. See the next step for other syncing possibilities.

Figure 4. Select pictures
Select pictures


Tap the red sync button and then select your preferred action type: Sync New; Sync Selected; Sync all; and Mark all as Synced.

Figure 5. Transfer


Figure 6. Choose transfer type
Choose transfer type


Select the destination of where you want to transfer to. Tap the computer button if you want to transfer to a Mac.

Figure 7. Select destination
Select destination


Select your target Mac device from the list of your available PhotoSync client devices.

Figure 8. Select device
Select device


If you activated the Select Before Transfer feature, PhotoSync now shows you a list of your existing Photos albums. Choose an album for the transfer or tap the add button to add a new album or folder. Folders can contain other folders and albums, albums can contain only photos and videos.

Figure 9. Select album in Photos
Select album in Photos


Tap the add button and select if you want to add a new album or a new folder.

Figure 10. Select to create a new album or folder in Photos
Select to create a new album or folder in Photos


Enter a name for the new album or folder and tap Done.

Figure 11. Create a new album in Photos
Create a new album in Photos


Select the new created album by tapping the album name and tap Select to start the transfer.

Figure 12. Select created album
Select created album


Your pictures and videos will then be transferred to the selected Photos album.

Figure 13. Transfer to the target device
Transfer to the target device


Figure 14. Transferred photos in Photos
Transferred photos in Photos
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