How can I see my devices using a Fritz!Box router?

With Fritz!Box routers by AVM it is possible that you cannot find other PhotoSync devices in the same Wi-Fi network. This usually is a security setting in Fritz!Box called

The WLAN devices displayed may communicate with each other 

This setting defines whether or not the WLAN devices are allowed to communicate with each other. Please check this setting to allow PhotoSync to find other PhotoSync devices.

Since the Fritz!Box is a typical german device, the german setting is called

WLAN-Netzwerkgeräte dürfen untereinander kommunizieren

Mit dieser Einstellung können Sie die Kommunikation der WLAN-Klienten untereinander zulassen oder verbieten. Wählen Sie diese Einstellung aus, damit PhotoSync andere Geräte im Netzwerk erkennen kann.

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