How to use an iBeacon to autotransfer on iOS?

How to use an iBeacon to autotransfer on iOS?

The autotransfer function in PhotoSync is triggered by the iOS geofencing that wakes up PhotoSync in the background when you reach one of the locations that you added in your autotransfer settings in PhotoSync. iOS uses cellular and Wi-Fi triangulation to determine the location which is not very exact. If you use an iBeacon as a location you will get a very high resolution location trigger because iBeacons are an indoor location technology based on Bluetooth.

To enable iBeacon support in PhotoSync please open the PhotoSync settings and enable iBeacon support in the Expert settings.

Figure 1. Expert settings
Expert settings


With iBeacon support enabled you can now either add a geofence location to your autotransfer or an iBeacon. When you tap on the Add new location button in your autotransfer settings you will get the choice between your current location and an iBeacon.


Figure 2. Add new location
Add new location


Now enter a name for your iBeacon (e.g. with the room in which you placed it) and enter the UUID (a unique identifier for each iBeacon that shoould be available with the iBeacon) to identify the iBeacon. The major and minor parameters are available for each iBeacon but you can ignore them if you want to identify the iBeacon only with its UUID.


Figure 3. iBeacon identification
iBeacon identification


When you tap done, the iBeacon will be added like a current location to your autotransfer and will trigger an autotransfer whenever your iOS device enters the range of the iBeacon.


Figure 4. Autotransfer with an iBeacon location
Autotransfer with an iBeacon location


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