PhotoSync Companion 4.0.8 for Windows released

Fixed hardwired language setting to English
Fixed problem with missing icon resource for PhotoSync

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.7 for Windows released

Removed accidentally shown debug window running the updater

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.6 for Windows released

Added MTO file extension to the list of supported PhotoSync files
Fixed PhotoSync update checks which were no longer working due to TLS version problems

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.5 for Windows released

Updated logging library log4net to version 2.0.14 to prevent possible CVE-2018-1285 vulnerabilities
Updated Newtonsoft.Json library to v13.0.1
Updated SharpShell library to v2.7.2
Updated Bugsnag library for error reporting to v3.0.1

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.4 for Windows released

Fixed transfers to iOS devices with PhotoSync 4.3 which did stall due to a change in PhotoSync for iOS
Changed installer to allow silent installations of PhotoSync companion

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.3 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could only accept a max. of 65535 files for a transfer

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.2 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync did not reflect changes to the periodical restart option for the automatic device detection

PhotoSync Companion 4.0.1 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could no longer send to Android devices

PhotoSync Companion 4.0 for Windows released

PhotoSync Companion 4.0 for Windows contains the following improvements:
  • NEW When transferring to iOS devices running PhotoSync 4.0, albums on iOS are now automatically created for folders on Windows
    • To create albums at the top level of the iOS Photo Library, select Camera Roll or Recents (iOS 13) as target album and enable Automatically create albums
    • To create albums at a sublevel, select any folder in the iOS Photo Library as target and enable Automatically create albums
  • Fixed reported startup crashes
  • Fixed problems that sometimes occurred downloading the Bonjour installer and added the Bonjour installer into the PhotoSync installer archive
  • Fixed problems with killed desktops trying to install the PhotoSync shell extension

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.7 for Windows released

  • NEW Included anonymous crash reporter into PhotoSync to analyze and fix app crashes
  • Fixed reported startup crashes that were caused by corrupted settings files or problems with the update of a settings file
  • Fixed reported crashes modifying the app settings
  • Fixed reported startup crashes that were caused by a network connection check when the Network List Service is deactivated on the Windows computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.6 for Windows released

Fixed a problem that PhotoSync crashed instantly on startup on some devices maybe due to a corrupted settings file. This crash will be prevented and a new default settings file will be generated.

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.5 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a problem that PhotoSync wasn't terminated completely on quit. This now happens always when you quit the app.
Fix: Changed the crash reporting from email-reporting to a file upload

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.4 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a crash trying to get the parent folder of a group of dragged files when there are characters used that are not allowed
Fix: Fixed the crash reporter and removed debug mode from the release version to prevent the app from crashing on internal errors
New: Added XMP files as possible file extension for sending photos

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.3 for Windows released

  • Fix: Fixed random crashes that can occur caused by the network connection checks
  • Fix: Fixed crashes that can occur selecting a new receive folder in the settings
  • Fix: Fixed crashes when URLs are sent to PhotoSync instead of files
  • Fix: Fixed wrong file filter in the send files selection dialog (Photo and video files)
  • Fix: Fixed setup and added missing removal of app settings if selected in the uninstall options


PhotoSync Companion 3.3.2 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed crashes on non-Wi-Fi systems when the network connectivity check was run
NEW: Additional startup setting to switch off the network connectivity checks in case you are aware of the fact that you are running a public network connection

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.1 for Windows released

Fix: Made the check for "Public network" connections less 'aggressive' to prevent false alarms.

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.0 for Windows released

  • NEW Complete rebuild of the "Transfer with PhotoSync" shell extension. The shell extension should now be available reliably.
  • NEW Added check to detect "Public" network configurations that prevent transfers from happening. Shows a message box when a public network configuration is detected.
  • NEW Added option to periodically restart the PhotoSync device detection if there are problems with the device detection failing
  • NEW Added the file date into the transfer data for files without metadata to use that date to set the correct recording date for the imports on phones/tablets
  • NEW Complete new installer app with multi language support.
  • NEW Added startup option to prevent Firewall integration check with UAC if the user permissions don't allow UAC calls or changes to the firewall configuration


PhotoSync Companion 3.2.2 for Windows released

NEW Added reset settings option in the settings to reset the app back to the default settings
Bug fix: Removed all actions to create additional subfolders that have been caused by the deprecated and removed subfolder creation settings in the app
Bug fix: Changed .NET compatibility back to .NET Client Profile 4 to still support Windows XP installations

PhotoSync Companion 3.2.1 for Windows released

Bug fix: Crash dragging photos into the app and the Bonjour service is not running
Bug fix: Periodic check for manually added device during scanning
NEW Operate the web server even when Apple Bonjour is not running. Requires manual connections but works even without Bonjour support.

PhotoSync Companion 3.2.0 for Windows released

  • Bug fix: Fixed problems with temporary files that have not been deleted after a connection was cancelled
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash that could occur sometimes in the 'About' window
  • Bug fix: Automatically save the location of a new receive folder into the default settings after selecting it when the old one was no longer existing or write protected
  • NEW Added Apple's new HEIC file extension to the list of supported extensions
  • NEW Added the device MAC addresses on request to support WOL (Wake-on-LAN) for quicktransfers and autotransfers to a Windows computer.


PhotoSync Companion 3.1.3 for Windows released

Bug fix: Fixed network connection lost error when trying to transfer large video files to the computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.2 for Windows released

Bug fix: Replaced PhotoSync web server with a newer release because the old one seemed to cause an unexpected end of stream error for some users stopping the transfers to the computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.1 for Windows released

Bug fix: Fixed the generation of the desktop short creation which failed on some devices
Bug fix: Fixed a problem generating too many event handles which have not been deleted

PhotoSync Companion 3.1.0 for Windows released

  • NEWChanged Tooltip icon which was looking very weird on Windows 10 installations
  • Bug fix: Fixed the order of the remote folders of Android devices. The "Use parent folder name" option was sorted alphabetically instead being shown at the top
  • Bug fix: Added additional MPG extensions to supported video formats
  • Bug fix: Added Windows media extensions to supported video and photo formats
  • Bug fix: Fixed crash if last upload directory no longer exists
  • Bug fix: Delete temporary or partially transferred files when a transfer will be cancelled or the sending mobile app will be forced to close or crashes
  • Bug fix: Removed some hard wired German text
  • Bug fix: Fixed a crash that could occur when the last modification date was changed
  • Bug fix: Fixed temp file name generation because on systems with more than 65535 files in the system temp directory, the system GetTempfilename function wasn't able to create a new temporary file which caused a network connection lost error on the sending devices because the transfer did fail during temp file generation


PhotoSync Companion 3.0.7 for Windows released

  • NEWPhotoSync context menu now also opens on left mouse button click on the task bar icon
  • NEWAdded support for iOS Live Photos. You can transfer Live Photo pairs to an iOS device which will be able to detect these pairs as Live Photos
  • Bug fix: Added check for write protected target directories


PhotoSync Companion 3.0.6 for Windows released

Fixed album list creation for mobile devices: When folders with special characters have been added to the receive folders and the mobile devices were using "Select before transfer", on Android devices the request to receive the album list was hanging indefinitely.
Fixed album list sort order to alphabetical ascending order when showing album lists of iOS 8 devices