Wie muss ich Outpost Firewall konfigurieren, damit PhotoSync funktioniert?

Open the Outpost firewall application. One part of PhotoSync is usually configured automatically: The Apple Bonjour Service which is a system services and should be recognized automatically by the firewall. Bonjour uses an application rule that is called MDNSRESPONDER.EXE and should be found in your Outpost firewall Application Rules inside the settings:

Apple Bonjour Service application settings

To add the PhotoSync transfer protocol to the Outpost firewall please do the following steps:

Open the Outpost firewall application and click the Settings button

Outpost firewall application

Select Network Rules under Firewall and click the "System-Wide Rules" button:

System-Wide Rules

In the Global Rules tab click the "Add..." button

Add a global rule

Click on the protocol in "Where protocol is" if it is not TCP and select TCP. Select the "Where direction is" checkbox and select "Inbound". Select the "Where local port is" checkbox and enter "35722". Of course select "Allow". Click OK to save the rule and leave Outpost firwall by confirming all changes with OK. Transfer should work now.

PhotoSync rule

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