Wie muss ich McAfee Total Protection 2013 konfigurieren, damit PhotoSync funktioniert?

The following steps have to be taken to run PhotoSync Companion with McAfee Total Protection 2013.

Open the McAfee Console by double-clicking the McAfee application icon on your desktop or in the windows task bar.


Figure 1. McAfee Total Protection application window
McAfee Total Protection application window

Click on Web and Email Protection to view the firewall and anti-spam settings


Figure 2. Web and Email Protection
Web and Email Protection



Click on Firewall to open the Firewall settings


Figure 3. Firewall settings
Firewall settings



Click on Internet Connections for Programs to get to the app settings for the firewall


Figure 4. List of programs with firewall settings
List of programs with firewall settings



Check if PhotoSync is already in the list. If it is, you can click on PhotoSync and click the Edit button to edit the firewall settings for PhotoSync, then skip to Step 7 of this tutorial. If PhotoSync is not in the list, click Add to create a new entry for PhotoSync.


Figure 5. Add PhotoSync to the internet connections for programs
Add PhotoSync to the internet connections for programs



Click on Browse... to find the PhotoSync executable on your hard disk. It should be located normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\PhotoSync. Select PhotoSync and click Open to add it.


Figure 6. Add PhotoSync app
Add PhotoSync app



Set the access to Full and turn Off the Net Guard.


Figure 7. Change PhotoSync firewall settings
Change PhotoSync firewall settings



Click Save to save the settings for PhotoSync. Congratulations, you're done! PhotoSync should work now with your McAfee Total Protection firewall.

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